Seeister time!

Matcha weed cupcakes $10((:

Lmao i am so stoked i found thee coolest shirt yesterday! Hahaha

Driving and eating rice i am danger

Lol thx @_tc_hair

Aurobindo likes his new home :3

I bought this shirt for kavan so now it’s practically mine hehehe

I made some vegan weed fudge if anybody is interested in some let me know :3



Lol Paige found this in the register

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Questionblllleeerrrrhhgg im so jealous of your life, you've traveled so many places! how can you afford that!? isnt it super expensive to do international trips frequently? Answer

Oh my dad was a pilot up until this year he started losing his hearing. But i get reeeally cheap standby tickets until I’m 24. Also I was born in Germany so I’m planning on getting my passport next year and living in Amsterdam or something for a while. Once you’re in Europe travelling around there is pretty cheap

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