Goin back to werk 2day

But she keeps biting and my aunt said she bit her nipple now I’m terrified

Cutest lil pup

Kavan’s at work so I invited Floyd into his room to snooogle hehe

Frozen spinach cubes are not uncommon here

Carl is the cutest
“it’s cool, right?”

Okay last one and it’s total poo. I waited to finish it then the rain came and the flower is wilting v sad

Happiest little goat sunbathing

This stone cost 2€ I thought my brother would have scolded me for stealing it but he was only upset that i didn’t steal something cooler


You need to love yourself

I actually tried drawing something for the first time in a long time

I just want to go home to my bb’s arms. This whole “family time” is bullshit


Omg! Whuuuuut?